Not much hair left now

December 4, 2014
I was going to get Mat to shave my head today – sick and tired of pulling it out in clumps – but I just can’t. There’s a few reasons but the main one is because it’s Mum’s birthday.

Mum would have been 68. She’s been gone 15 years and she’s the one person I really would love to have around now – although she would be hating this. Mat and I were her world and she couldn’t stand seeing me go through all of this. At the same time she would have been amazing to have around. I miss her – it feels like more each day.

Mat brought over a brand new shaver kit so I can shave off what’s left when I’m ready. And that’s not yet. I brazenly said at the start of all of this that I wouldn’t be worried about losing my hair and that I would gladly shave it off.

It’s not that easy. I’m emotionally not dealing well with it to be honest. But I will. I know in time I’ll get my head around it.



2 thoughts on “Not much hair left now

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  1. Tracey, I hope these amazing blogs are helping you get through your tumultuous time. You are amazing and sounds like you have amazing family and friends around you. Your strength and courage inspires me. Love to you and your family x x


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