More chemo, more food!

December 17, 2014

I have been bullied — in the most loving way possible!

I was brought up to be independent, strong and capable of taking care of myself and my family. These are all traits I hope are obvious and will be passed on to my amazing children.

But the reality is sometimes you just need to learn how to accept help and say THANK YOU!

People want to help — people you know well and others who have only just come into your life.

It’s been overwhelming the way those people, including our school community, have started taking care of us — whether we are really ready and willing to accept it or not. Food, food and more food! Dinner, banana bread, biscuits — you name it — we’ve been showered with it!

One of the gorgeous school mums set up a Meal Train for us after a group of loud, delightful and stubborn mums bullied me at a mummy lunch. I had resisted accepting the help being offered — until they all got so loud and determined to find a way to help us that they ensured the Meal Train was set up.

It’s been hard to accept — but incredibly has shown us the meaning of true love and friendship from close friends and those we don’t know so well.

We’ve been taught an incredible lesson in humanity. If and when someone close to me has to deal with what my family is dealing with right now I know what I’ll do!

I have been coming home from chemo treatments to a husband serving up food from another container that doesn’t belong to us. He has been overwhelmed by the support too. Trust me, I’m no cook and hence his comment to the train of food being delivered “we’ve never had a greater variety of dinner!”  I’m taking that with the affection with which it was meant!


Coming home from this to this — amazing support x



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