Xmas in the chemo room

December 24, 2014

Chocolates, tinsel and wreaths were in great supply in the chemo room today.

There were also a lot of people there today and there was certainly a lot of Christmas spirit.

For those who have never experienced being in a chemo room, it really is quite an uplifting place. Not many people who are in there being treated or those who are sitting with a friend or family member being treated act down in the dumps.

What’s the point! While it is one of the last places any of us would chose to be, we all have to be there and there’s really only one way to deal with it — with humour and chocolate (or jelly beans or anything else that fills the jars near the nurses station).

It’s another world this cancer world — one that I almost feel privileged to be a part of if you can believe that!

I wish I had never met my doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiographers and fellow patients — but I have and it truly is a privilege. You learn so much about yourself and others. You learn how patient you can be and how intolerant you can be. Intolerant of people who carry on and can’t deal with the most trivial things and jealous of people who seemingly glide along in life with not much to worry about.

But truth is everyone has their lot in life to deal with — most of us just don’t know about it!


Today when I got home we had had a ham delivered from Paula and her family and a pack of mince pies and rocky road from Kate along with an awesome gift for me – a Camilla and Marc cap from Kate & Kalli-Anne xxx Merry Christmas xx




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