Christmas Day – out comes the first hat!

December 25, 2014

Wearing a woven hat on a hot Christmas Day with no buffer between it and your scalp is a pretty strange feeling!

Usually there’s plenty of hair on my head (my hair is thin but I have a lot of it) but this is my first full day with a shaved noggin and I’ve decided hats will be the way to go for me most of the time.

The wig is hot and to be honest, I can’t really be bothered “dressing up” in that every day. I am a pretty wired control-freak but I am trying to simplify my life one small step at a time and just throwing on a hat when I need to cover my head seems like the most logical thing for me to do.

But now it’s going to be obvious that something is wrong.

While I had hair, even when it was thinning, people around me who didn’t know what was going on didn’t have any reason to look at me differently or ask someone if I was ok.

Now, I can’t hide it — and I don’t want to. What’s the point!

While sometimes I really don’t want to talk about myself and what is happening with my treatment, it’s what most people want to know. Not because they are all Mrs Mangels (that reference is for those of you old enough to have seen Neighbours in the “olden days”) but because most of them are genuinely concerned.

I think the thing that scares most people is that this could all be happening to me. I mean if it is happening to me, what is stopping it from being them, their mother, sister or friend.

I’m 41 and I’ve barely been sick a day in my whole life. I’ve never been under a general anaesthetic, never broken a bone and hadn’t had a blood test until I was 30.

Clearly I was saving myself to do as many of these as possible in 2014, 2015 and probably 2016.

Anyway, I now have a nice little range of hats — unfortunately my favourite is a black velvet cap that is bloody hot — and I guess a range of beanies will come in handy in winter too!

But first — cheers to Christmas surrounded by family xxx


The first “hat for a reason” – Christmas Day 2014 with the loves of my life


The kidlets with their wonderful grandparents


A very happy camper with her polaroid camera


All he ever wanted — a remote control boat!


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